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Bleeding beside you

You sitting beside me, near to my body,
the outside seems good but the inside is bloody,
deep scars dress my white skin,
my body seemed to be never thin,
your consousion create my space,
in which we live and call our place,
past moments go through the surface,
the face of the morning which broke today,
the wind blows our sorrow away,
away, behind the green and lonly trees,
near our border sleeps the peace,
the leaves fly from the one end to the other,
the wind seems them to bother,
but your moves next to me in the silents,
your words against my violence,
my violence against myself,
the confusion seems to be my shelf,
it makes me feel like someone else.
Away your confidence lives me, lonly,
my body feels a bit sleepy, my honey,
the bleeding thing inside my space,
i hope it gives you grace,
but you never mention that,
nearly I want to fly like a bat,
maybe you never saw it on myself,
but it was here, like something else,
so sleep, my dear, I waiting here,
in forgotten of perfection and fear.
Bleeding beside you.
And Happyness, too.

7.5.11 21:50

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Maccabros (7.5.11 23:03)
and I always have the hope, that one day, you will discover, that YOU are special and worth and someone that I call friend...

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